Broadwalks Women of Westminster Tour
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WELCOME TO BROADWALKS History has taken to the streets! Your Personal Guide: 
Jess Osborne

BROADWALKS is a growing collection of walks focusing on celebrating British women - past and present.

Some of the figures on the walks are well known, some are more obscure, but many of them have brought huge change to London, Britain, and indeed the world.

The stories of their male counterparts - heroes and villains alike - have been well documented. Perhaps less so the myriad  of women represented in monuments, plaques and streets across the country, which BROADWALKS highlights and brings to life.

BROADWALKS illustrates that no matter how insignificant we are, or how mighty the obstacles, women can become a powerful mainstay for a humane and balanced society. The pen, it is often said, is mightier than the sword. The written word coupled with rhetoric, have been women's greatest tools for change. From Aphra Behn and Elizabeth I, to Betty Boothroyd and Baroness Cox, language, learning, tenacity, generosity of spirit and hard work, have been the formula for women who won!

Discover aspects of these victories on a BROADWALKS day out. Enjoy!

On BROADWALKS tours we explore the old and familiar, as well as the lesser known, through an alternative lens.

Anyone with an interest in history is welcome on a walk. They are simply designed to tell the true stories of real women - warts and all! - what they believed in, and what they worked for.

Through tales of lamps, language and law come and discover that even the very heart of Westminster has new insights to offer...


I am a registered Blue Badge  and Westminster guide, with a passion for history and a love of storytelling.

Through my project BROADWALKS
I have combined this passion with my favourite subject - the stories of British women, their characters, their struggles and their achievements. My enjoyment of history has been hugely enriched as I have turned over the paving stones of Westminster’s streets to reveal a goldmine of facts and figures just beneath the well-trodden tracks of better known giants of our past.  The stories of the great women behind the successful men, are ready to step from the shadows into  the limelight.

Their streets are waiting to be rediscovered, and their histories are ready to be told. My aim is to keep the memory of these women alive.